Photography courses

For some, taking up photography may be a career change, while others enjoy keeping it as a hobby - to learn to take better photographs on vacation, or to capture special moments shared with family and friends. Whichever kind of photographer you choose to be, we have a wide selection of tailor-made courses for aspiring photographers just like you.

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Did you recently purchase a new camera but not sure which camera settings to use? You’re not alone. Most beginner photographers are initially overwhelmed by the endless buttons and menu functions on their DSLR cameras.

This beginner’s photography workshop is designed to help you understand basic camera settings, teach you how to operate your camera and adjust it to the way you want it.

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Go from good to better. If aperture, shutter speed and ISO are no longer complete jargon to you, and you know your way around your camera then the intermediate photography training course is for you. 


You will learn valuable tips on how to take your images to another level. We focus on developing your creative eye, building on your strengths and overcoming your photography weaknesses.

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Lightroom + Photoshop

Taking a photo is one thing—editing it to make it perfect is another.


Dive deep into the world of photo editing, define a good workflow and find your editing style with this in-depth Lightroom or Photoshop training workshop for beginners.


We will have you creating stunning images in no time. 

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Private classes

Our one on one photography sessions are the most efficient and flexible way to learn photography. We will go at a pace that is right for you and concentrate only on what you need to grow your skills and self-confidence.


Choose between our private training sessions per hour or our recommended 6 hours package. 

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 Practice Workshops

Photography is an applied art that only improves with practice. Once you know the basics of photography, the next step is to try out different photography genres to figure out which one you are the most passionate about. Nothing makes photography more fun or rewarding than photographing what interests and inspires you. Practising in a genre that is right for you, will truly unlock your style and natural skill. 

This is why we are now offering 3 or 6-hour practice workshops where you can shoot with us. 

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Meet the educator

Chantelle Flores ( portfolio of work is a testimony of her formidable artistic talent and unrelenting love for the art. ​She received global recognition from Canon, for multiple years running for her work in over 71 countries.  For three consecutive years, she has been awarded the wedding photographer of the year, and received many other photography awards throughout her 15 year career. 

Her photographs are a fresh take on the natural world, photographing wildlife, scenery, culture and adventure with a uniquely artistic eye. She looks for the beautiful in the common, the unusual in the usual, the perfection in the broken and the uniqueness of the mundane. Like a butterfly embracing the beauty of a single flower, she likes to focus on the unnoticed – those things that we all look at, but never see.

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"Chantelle is such a lovely and friendly person, very positive and always smiling! On top of that, she is a super talented photographer and very skilful teacher. I am having classes of Photoshop and Lightroom with her and enjoy them a lot!"

-Ola Bloch 

"This class took me FOREVER!! I would not have never been able to figure out a majority of the information provided on my own. This course is great and to be able to keep it as a reference is phenomenal! I am super happy with what I learned with this course and the activities, as well as seeing others' work was also great. That part taught me that I am a horrible critic and just like to enjoy all the creativity." 

-Adelle Mostert

"Thank you to Chantelle for sharing your knowledge and skills in teaching everything there is to learn about photography including how to use a DSLR camera in manual mode, which I have the Canon Rebel T5i with a kit lens as well as a Tamron 18-270mm Super Zoom Piezo Lens.


I have learnt from this masterclass more than I have in a lifetime of trying to learn since the age of 14 when I had my first camera.


I have always loved photography but have been too afraid to take the challenge and step out of my comfort zone and go into manual mode.


Thanks for a great experience and the opportunity to step up as a photographer into another world of visual art."

- Philip Kolecic

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BEGINNER COURSE! Each aspect was explained thoroughly with nice practical applications. Within a couple of minutes, I understood each and every subject discussed.I was a total beginner and you have made me fall in love with photography. Thank you guys for the awesome experience!"

- Candice Gray

"I really learnt a lot from this course and inspired me to learn more details about photography. I will definitely get into more courses regarding photography. Thanks a lot once again to Chantelle who helped me understand photography better."

- Monique De Andrade 

"It was a great experience indeed! I used to take a lot of photos through my smartphone without knowing anything about the basics of photography. I thought that I know much about photography and it's just about taking photos but thanks to this course which proved me wrong and it was really a nice experience to learn with self-pace about the photography techniques. I can say that my photography has improved a lot after taking this course."

- Alan Ford

"Very good course! Before this course, I watched many youtube videos and none of these explained things so easily and thoroughly.

You get ALL the information that you need to know about photography, all in one! I love that Chantelle can share so many different perspectives to taking one single photograph

Definitely recommend."

- Cecila Thomson

"I’m very glad I enrolled in this class! There’s so much information to be absorbed and Chantelle does a great job in presenting everything in as much detail as possible, but at the same time simplifying it to make your learning experience a lot smoother.


This is a great course if you’re just starting out and want to know the fundamentals of photography, how to work your camera, pro tips, case studies, practical examples and assignments. This master class has it all!"

-Pedro Da Silva

"This course exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to everyone who's interested in photography!"

- Stanley Atherton

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