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Aruba, coined by it’s famous motto, “One happy place,” is one of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands. It boasts plenty of sunlight, breathtaking seascapes and beautiful picturesque beaches. Parrotfish are the only things in a rush here, and time slows to a lazy pace while you relax over an exotic cocktail or float blissfully in the sea.
If you have always loved the beautiful and friendly creatures, Flamingo Beach in Aruba is perfect for you. This private beach on Renaissance Island lets you roam around the beautiful beaches with pink flamingos running around the white sand. You can pet them, feed them, take beautiful pictures with them, and enjoy the mesmerizing white beaches.
The capital city of Oranjestad's lighthearted spirit is boosted by the pastel façade of landmarks and stores. While the thundering waves of the azure ocean provide a calming backdrop, you can find a shaded hammock, the ideal area for a night of sleep.
Scuba diving off Hadicurari Beach, experiencing the natural marvels of Arikok National Park, and browsing for Dutch cheddar in Oranjestad fill the days on Aruba. You may take your little ones to Baby Beach, while somewhat older youngsters can visit the Donkey Sanctuary or the Ostrich Farm. Save some strength for the evenings, when the dazzling lighting of a Palm Beach casinos or the musical performances of an Oranjestad tavern call.
Kayakers and kiteboarders go to Hadicurari Beach, located at Aruba's northwestern point, right past the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. When you notice beachfront huts sprinkling a pebbly shoreline, you've arrived at the appropriate spot. Aruba offers a beautiful haven for people looking to break away from monotony. Visit Aruba now and explore the following places.

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