Considered one of the most beautiful Mayan Ruin sites around Cancun, it’s worth a trip to the Tulum Ruins to seek out this breathtaking location. What makes this site so unique is that the ruins are located atop a fifteen meter high cliff towering over the sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. The city of Tulum has an access fee that grants visitors inside the city to explore the ruins, bask in the glorious sun on the beautiful beach, shop the craft market or grab a bite to eat.

Get to the ruins early in the morning to avoid the tourist crowds and watch as the sun rises high into the air over the sea. Slip into the water at the ruins beach and swim north to witness the ruins from a whole new perspective. Snorkel and scuba dive operators are also located on this beach and there are amazing cenotes around this area to explore as well as plenty of marine life. Rent a car, take a tour, ride the bus or cycle around the walled city of Tulum; a city rich in history and culture.

Visit the Tulum Ruins - {Approx. R455}


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