The world’s most famous underwater sculpture museum is located right here in Cancun. Designed in response to the damage that was being done to the local reef areas; this museum provides a safe haven for coral growth in which marine life can live and breed safely. This Underwater Museum offers the opportunity for beginner and advanced divers to discover over 400 life-sized statues. Snorkeling is also an option here but beware that the water does become murky when it is busy and the statues are truly more awe-inspiring when you are beside them rather than above them.

Discover the famous “man on fire” sculpture; a figurine that is becoming covered with fire coral or the sculpture that has several in-bottled messages of peace and environmental health that is named “Collector of Dreams”. There is not a high concentration of marine life yet but bring your underwater camera, a little patience and you will be able to capture some amazing photos of the art and sculptures.

Underwater Museum - {Approx. R500}


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