In the renowned Cancun Hotel Zone you can discover the who, what and where about tequila. Mexican’s national spirit can only be produced in one region of the country and the Tequila Sensory Museum will delight your senses as it takes you through both modern and traditional methods of producing this delicious and complex drink. Depending how much you drink and what type of tequila you want to drink on this tour is entirely up to you; and your pocketbook.

Step back in history and learn why Hacienda San Jose del Refugio at Amatlan is home to the finest of tequilas and why this Hacienda is part of a World Heritage Site. Discover the proper techniques of drinking tequila, the culture behind it and learn the art of how tequila is distilled. Sniff, smell and taste your way through this cultural experience that awaits you at the Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum. We recommend walking or taking a cab to this site; as the tequila flows quickly here.

Tequila tasting - {Approx. R200}


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