Located just a short twenty minute ferry ride away from Cancun is Isla Mujeres; the Island of Women. Take a break from the bustling city and escape to a world of sun, sand and relaxation. We suggest renting a golf cart to get around; pre-book one on the ferry ride over or grab one as soon as you disembark or rent a bicycle or scooter for a little less. The Island is only approximately 7km long and can be explored in a few hours.

Visit the turtle sanctuary where you can get up close to all different sizes, shapes and kinds of these fascinating creatures. Pick one of the calm beaches and strap on your goggles and snorkel to discover the abundance of wildlife. Rent a kayak and skim the blue waters keeping your eyes peeled for the many dolphins that frequent this area. Grab a local beer at one of many hangouts, eat some authentic Mexican food and meet some great local people. With many budget hotels Isla Mujeres is the perfect place to spend the night and truly enjoy this beautiful small island that is full of surprises.

Ferry to Isla Mujeres - {Approx. R300}


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