The name “cenotes” is derived from the Mayan name meaning secret well which is the perfect explanation for the sinkholes that are often filled with water; forming caves and underground rivers in Mexico. With so many located just a stone’s throw away from Cancun exploring at least one or more of these breathtaking natural wonders is a must. Snorkel, swim or dive and explore the underwater formations and marine life that fill these waters.

Ik-Kil is one of the most popular cenotes for swimming and snorkeling and is located just a couple of miles from Chichen Itza. This crystal clear well type cenotes is full of waterfalls, lush vegetation and is over 130 feet deep. Smack in the middle of a Mexican Village outside Cancun is Gran Conoto or Sac Aktum as it is often called. This cenote offers visitors plenty of turtle and fish viewing in the stunning clear water. Bats are plentiful here as well and there are locker rentals, washroom facilities and jumping platforms. Swim through a cave that connects two cenotes, watch turtles surface beside you and enjoy this less touristy attraction.

Explore Cenotes - {Approx. R500}


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