An Upcoming Tourist Attraction that Still Offers Peace and Tranquility

Just 1.5 hours from Cape Town, at West Coast National Park, I found peace and tranquility.

A mere 90 minutes drive from Cape Town’s city centre you will find the West Coast National Park.

San Parks describes their park as follows:

Thousands of seabirds roost on sheltered islands, pristine golden beaches stretch endlessly into the early morning mist and brooding salt marshes are home to vast concentrations of migrant waders from the northern hemisphere. During the spring, the Strandveld is embroidered with a tapestry of multi-hued flowers, while in the Postberg section many antelope are to be seen in a setting that is as unique as it is idyllic.

The description of this place intrigued me, so I hopped on a plane, rented a car, and drove through to see what all the fuss was about.

On arrival, I was instantly filled with peace whilist silently sitting absorbing the soothing sounds of the ocean waves gently breaking on the shoreline. I sat breathing in the fresh coastal air and marvelled for hours at the wonders of nature with not a soul in sight. I took in scenes of abundant wildlife and strolled for hours along the blanketed floral landscapes. I explored marshlands and was greeted by colonies of scarlet (lesser) flamingos. My soul was at home.