Visiting the South Coast? - Be sure to not miss my top 10 favourite activities

The South Coast of KwaZulu Natal stretches from Durban, south to the start of the Eastern Cape's Wild Coast. It's a charming region boasting many unique activities that you could do on your next visit. It is a 365 days a year destination with 9 months of warm summer, and a pleasant 3 months of winter. It is famed for its 120km stretch of stunning beaches, 7 of which hold Blue Flag status adhering to international standards. For golfing enthusiasts the area offers 8 of the top 30 golf courses in South Africa. For the nature lovers: a short drive from the beaches you can find breathtaking gorges, forests, and the worlds smallest desert. It is also a sporting paradise, with many National and International sporting events being hosted here. It's home to the top 2 dive sites in the world - Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks where you can also go Shark Cage Diving.

I have complied this list of my top 10 favourite activities to do. Most of them are in the Port Edward area, the rest are a mere short drive out. So it will be a good idea to base your self in this area - this way you will be able to visit them all effortlessly. I took 6 days to do all of these, but I must admit it was a bit rushed, so to do it more at a leisurely pace be sure to add in a few extra days.

I hope after reading them, you will get excited to plan your next visit just as much as I was.


1. A visit to the Petrified Forest to view the Mzamba Fossils

We all remember the Wild Coast Sun right? Remember that beach you all walked on as a kid? The one that can be accessed from the waterpark? Well, along this same beach is the Petrified Forest.

I was not previously familiar with the term "petrified", and never experienced anything of the sort. It's not a forest per say, but rather refers to a series of fossilised that have fallen and become water submerged and logged along the coast line. These trees are said to have been around since the Late Triassic period about 225 million years ago.