Top destinations to visit for South African's in 2018 & a sneak peak into Travel Start's

South Africa's version of Sky Scanner - Travel Start has continuously pride themselves in offering flight deals that are easily on the pockets through all major airlines.

Last year we found this cheerful fun filled company release their Blue Monday Sales campaign in an effort to help individuals afford travel to their dream destinations on all popular flight routes. The campaign was a success and left individuals feeling like they where Charlie in the Chocolate Factory who just got their hands on the golden ticket. They took the blue out of a Monday, and I personally couldn't imagine starting my week any better way. Travel dreams were becoming a reality for South African's who previously thought that it was unaffordable. Having traveled often, I never seem to loose that excitement that floods over me each time I book a ticket.

This time around they are at it again. To commemorate their upcoming birthday, they are having attractive birthday sale on International, Domestic and Regional flights with all major airlines between the 27 - 31st August.

So if you missed out on their previous Blue Monday Sales, be sure to take advantage of this upcoming one. Now you have no excuse to not join me on my country hopping adventures. You can find out more information here.

So....where are we going to go?

Accordingly to statistics drawn from more than 800 000 individuals who booked trips through the travel start platform, these are a few of the top travel destinations that South African's are traveling to. Could it be that these travelers found that traveling to these destinations could stretch our South African Rand? Just maybe!



For the first time Zimbabwe comes in at the number 1 International destination, pushing London and Namibia down a few slots. It is evident why the world of wonders has fast become a South African favourite.

Home to the natural world wonder of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is a destination that will get you outdoors and immersed in nature.

The diverse landscapes provide wonderful wildlife encounters and its 5 UNESCO World Heritage sights will leave you speechless. It is a world of unrivaled natural beauty and cultural diversity which is evident through its friendly people who speak 16 different official languages.


London (UK)

October in South Africa is going to be an exciting month, as