Visiting Sri Lanka? Don’t miss these amazing places!

Article commissioned by Travel Start, South Africa

Sri Lanka is not all about cricket, this serendipitous isle off the coastline of India has been thrust into the spotlight as one of the Top Travel destinations for 2019. It is infused with undulating natural attractions and its ancient Buddhist sites reveal a true atmosphere of the past.

Wander through its tea-trails found in rolling verdant hills or take part in a safari to witness the smallest and gentleness of its mighty elephants. Its idyllic beaches are pristine with crystal clear waters and golden sands evoking within you a frozen in time nostalgia.  

It is fabulous, culturally diverse, safe and probably the highlight; cost-effective country for South African’s travelling on just about any budget. Here are a few of our recommendations for the best beaches, ancient cities and natural spots to help you plan out your perfect trip.

Exotic Beaches

If your idea of the perfect island holiday is all about beaches, then Sri Lanka will not disappoint you. Here are a few seriously beautiful golden shores that are perfect for just about any travel style.

Dickwella Beach

Just got married? Then you will love the serene and romantic atmosphere of Dickwella beach. It is a favourite amongst newlyweds and home to Sri Lanka’s most plush resorts.

Hiriketiya Bay is nearby and is a little slice of paradise. It’s an ideal beach for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and learning about Sri Lanka’s traditional way of lace making.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa beach is geared for the party goers. It is the most happening spot during its annual 3-day beach festival seeing an abundance of international Dj’s creating an electric vibe.