The art of growing rice in Bali




Learning how to grow rice was not something that I would have ever imagined making it onto my bucket list. I never ever thought of it. But - when visting the rural areas of Bali I found myself standing in front of very impressive photogenic rice terraces and was forced to ask myself the question – “How is rice grown?”

Rice is the most important crop for the Balinese and has been traditionally viewed as a gift from the gods and needs to be honored as such. Its impressive to see that the villages surrounding these rice fields have shrines specifically devoted to valuing these crops.


A UNESCO world heritage site


The stepped Balinese Subak system of water irrigation was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition it is famed for being the most effective way of managing rice crops in the world. Around for at least 2,000 years, these rice terraces were originally carved into the hills by the locals using hand tools.

The allocation of water is the responsibility of priests, and in order for this system to work successfully it is required that members of each community work in partnership. Are you wondering how they are so well maintained? Each member of the community takes responsibility for maintaining the systems integrity.


The process