African infused cuisine at Potluck Boskombuis


A favourite lunch stop along the Graskop route African

The ultimate riverside location for indulging in traditional African infused cuisine


If there is one person that knows the Mpumalanga region well, it is Lisa Sheard who heads up Kruger Lowveld. Last year, on a road trip around the country with Travel Massive and Ford, Lisa took it upon herself to show us a few places along the Panorama Route that your average South African had't heard of. Out of all the locations she showed us - this one effortlessly crept into my heart. There are not many restaurants out there that offered a traveler a unique dinning experience amidst SA's untouched landscapes.

Information scarcely unavailable on this place to an average tourist, the Potluck Boskombuis, is an African inspired restaurant that is nestled in the mountains of Mpumalanga. Guests to this private farm are greeted with its tranquil riverside views, appetite inducing aromas of african flavours and quirky decor.