Come as a stanger, leave as a friend: Ocean View B&B Review

Port Edward boasts some incredible scenic landscapes and houses a nice blend of mountainscapes, gorges, beaches that deserve blue flag status, the worlds smallest desert, the Umtunvuna River and so many more amazing activities for the nature lover. This scenic vista is home to the Ocean View Bed and Breakfast which provides the perfect port of call when planning a trip to the area.

ocean view bed and breakfast

Guest houses vs hotels

I am not a huge fan of staying in hotels and generally avoid them because of the cost. I don't see the point of paying over R1200 for a room regardless of the how nice the hotel is, especially since the bulk of your day is spent exploring the area.

As an alternative I opt for owner run guesthouses that offer a more informal style of accommodation with limited availably. There are so many more benefits for me that outweigh your traditional hotel. I find that guest houses zone in on your individual needs, leaving you with a sense of belonging and offers you a more homely experience. You can expect to receive a superior level of service, where owners take more of a hands on approach to ensuring that you are content and comfortable. Traditional hotels are crowed as a result the staff are less likely to be concerned with your overall wellbeing. Guest houses also offer you an opportunity of meeting other like minded solo travelers and business minded individuals.

ocean view bed and breakfast

I have a very high expectation of what I expect when I travel to a guest house. The Ocean View B & B exceeded all these all expectations, and the saying "Arrive as a stranger, leave as a friend" speaks volumes for this unique establishment, that I actually experienced a sense of loss when I departed, only because I had gained so much more than I could have ever imagined.

The Ocean View Experience

Peter and Theresa have turned their private residence into a 4 bedroom guesthouse that they have catered towards the business traveler, but if you are a solo traveler like me then this establishment is just perfect for you. It comes with a high rating to, and considered as the top guest house amongst 12 in the Port Edward area.