Getting Tiddly at Natal’s First Craft Brewery


Nottingham Road Breweries


Tucked away in the rolling hills of the Midlands Meander one can find South Africa’s oldest craft brewery, commonly known by locals as Notties Brewery. Produced using only the finest spring water available and secret ingredients sourced locally and internationally this independent brewery has been delighting visitors with local ales and lagers for years.

Why not take a tour around and in the process be careful not to stumble upon the Tiddly Toad, The Whistling Weasel, The Pickeled Pig and the Staggering Steer. Too much time spent with the Tipsey Tiger could result in you becoming a PYE-EYED Possum.

A visit to the Meander would not be complete without a visit with Charlotte, the intriguing Ghost of Nottingham Road Hotel. I dare you to stay a night in Room 10 as it is said that visitors’ bags have been unpacked and they have found their clothes neatly folded in the morning. For more information on the brewery visit their website :


The Tour