#HikeSA, Week 5: Sunset at Northcliff Eco Park

Clients of mine recently got engaged and wanted to do a sunset engagement photoshoot at the top of Northcliff Ridge in Johannesburg. I had never been there before so I was beyond excited to check it out. My emails constantly get inundated with invites from my friends at the Joburg Photowalkers. It's a favourite place for them to take pictures of sunrise over Johannesburg. Its very seldom that I am up at sunrise when I am home bound, and having visited there this past weekend, I am kicking myself that I haven't attended at least one of them before. Its beautiful up here!

You won’t find this place in many tour books, but it does offer you a spectacular 360 view of Johannesburg.

Cars filled most of Lucky avenue so we had to all park far down the road. I asked my clients if it was always this busy, and they mentioned it is usually alot quiter so I assumed something special was happening up there. We entered the Eco Park through a lockable gate with a water tower to my left and was greeted by soft orange and pink hues that filled the sky. Couples dotted the rocks, arms around each other in awe of the panoramic views of Johannesburg.

As assumed, a grand proposal was taking place, a Muslim women stood there with flowers in her one hand, and her prince charming's hand in the other. He was kneeling before her as family members held up hand made boards with "will you marry me" printed on them 1807m above sea level. This was the second highest point in Johannesburg, and where better to have a proposal than here. Further down the path, a casual wedding session was also taking place.