Luxembourg - One of Europes smallest Countries

Luxembourg - A vibrant ancient city, full of life, colour, and historic sites.

Luxembourg City things to do

Luxembourg What? Is that a city? Where is that?

We thought so. Luxembourg isn’t a destination that frequents a not so regular travellers mouth. It is often overlooked when planning a European travel adventure, yet it ranks high up there as one of the most charming places to visit on the continent.

This tiny landlocked European country can be found sandwiched between France, Germany and Belgium.

Luxembourg City things to do

Luxembourg City things to do

It takes one to two hours to drive from the north to the south of the country, making it more like a big town than a country so to speak.

Its entire population is approximately 525,000 people of which 43% are foreign residents. Making Luxembourg, when to other countries in Europe, one with the highest number of expats. For this reason, it is a melting pot of many other cultures.