Germany has a strong Roman past. Can you guess the city with the most influence?

When one thinks of Germany, the first thought isn’t usually associated with Romans. So, I suppose it might come as a surprise when I tell you that Trier, Germany’s oldest city, once served as Roman territory.

Trier, dating back to the 1st Century, can be found along the Moselle river in the Western part of Germany. Since it was one of the largest cities of the Roman Empire it is considered as the 'Rome of the North'.

This city is just bursting with history. Because of its large collection of ancient Roman structures still standing, it has been recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Doubly impressive when you consider that 40 percent of the city was destroyed during the Second World War.

A walk through its old parts will take you on a virtual tour through Roman’s second-biggest Emperor.

Let's take an in-depth look at this treasure trove of ruins that serves as a testimony of Roman civilization.

Trier Imperial Baths