5 star treatment at Days at Sea Beach Lodge

Just when I think I know South Africa well, I accidentally stumble across a really incredible place that leaves me feeling like I have arrived at some remote destination on the other side of the world. Little did I know that we have a oceanside establishment along the South Coast with a private balcony that boasts endless panoramic sunset views of the Indian ocean. This past week I spent a night at the Days at Sea Beach Lodge in Trafalgar that holds a 5 star rating and leaves you feeling like you are on your own little piece of sub tropical paradise. No surprise why the owners decided on this exact spot to open this exclusive intimate hotel.

A little over 90 minutes drive from Durban to Trafalgar you will find this refuge for nature lovers and fine dining enthusiasts alike. With a rating of 9,2 on Bookings.com, a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor and a cliental made up of mainly international guests you know you are in for a real treat.

Guido SchoeldgenGerman artist and photographer and his fashion designer wife Annette spent two years creating this space that brings art, elite lifestyle living and tranquility all together. What was once a traditional fishing house, has now been converted into this haven that boasts artistic charm, clear-cut lines, refreshing art pieces and sculptures.

Guido eagerly shares with me how he decided on the name - Days at Sea. It was an indicative of good luck and fortune for him in 1970, after placing a bet of 20 german marks on a race horse that was a complete outsider, he won four hundred marks after this horse went on to win the "Grosser Preis von Koeln.

The arrival

As mentioned before in a few other blog posts, I prefer to spend the night in a guest house over a hotel because of my deep seeded love for intimate private spaces, and a hands on hospitable experience. I want to feel like sense of belonging and a connection to the place. Days at Sea, offers just that but with a 5 star luxury treatment and a reputation as being one of the top 100 most beautiful hideaways hotels in all of the world.