Catherdrals, Cliffs and Castles with England Experience Tour

A couple of months back, I was in Europe working on a few travel campaigns when I found myself back in England. I have to be honest and say that even after 8 trips there, England has not ranked high up on my favourite list of places to explore. I previously lived in the South West and in London and did a fair bit of traveling when I was 19 & 20. On this trip something different happened and I gained a new found love for it after exploring the Kent country side with England Experience Tours a sub division of Highlander Experience Tours.

I was invited along on their Catherdrals, Cliffs and Castles day tour. They focus on small groups with a maximum of 16 people. What’s really special about this one is that it takes you on a journey throughout time, while you explore the countryside, dramatic coastal cliffs and incredible English landscapes and take in a few historic buildings along the way.

The tour departed from a local coffee shop, one that my google maps had a hard time trying to find. The meet and greet was really fun, and we had a great bunch on our tour.

We left London and headed towards Canterbury, following in the footsteps of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales characters who journeyed to visit the shrine of the martyr Saint Thomas Becket, regaling stories to one another along the way.

A visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canterbury

Our first stop was to Canterbury – famed as the historical cathedral city of Britain, and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. I was most excited for this leg of the trip, and had spent a few days there with my sister and friends the week before. I was instinctively drawn to its medevil celtic heritage and needed to explore more of it.

The Monarch of the United Kingdom has granted Cantebury city status as a result of its diocesam cathedrals. The Canterbury Cathedral where St Augustine became the first Archbishop in 597AD and served as an apostle to the pagan kingdom o