2016 - Roadworks and extreme weather conditions - A metaphor for personal growth

31 December - The last day of 2016

A time of reflection

I am sitting in my office in complete solitude with sadness in my heart reflecting back on my past year of heartache.

I started off my year on a positive note in search of myself again, after 2015 left me battered and bruised. I booked a few plane tickets to Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, in my determination to make 2016 count.

As kids, we always want to grow up, but what other adults don't tell you is how tough life gets the older you are. You endure and push through really tough and challenging years, and each new year you enter in with renewed hope for the future. You grew as a person through every mountain you climbed over and through every storm you faced. You promised your self that the lessons you have learned will not repeat itself in the new year, and develop new goals and visions for your future. Happiness doesn't have to be something that is short lived. It doesn't have to be something that with a blink of the eye it is all gone. It doesn't have to be something that comes quickly, and leaves just as quick. Each year gets harder and harder to find that happiness.

A metaphor for personal change

In January, I had no idea that my trip to Scandinavia would become my personal metaphor for change and personal developement. I embarked on my personal journey along a road filled with many twists and turns, extreme weather conditions that caused a sudden change in direction, road works along the way that grinded my journey to a hult. This trip reminded me of one of my favourite sayings - If you don't know where you are going - any road will take you there. It couldn't ring more true now looking back. This metaphor was a constant to every trip that followed - A road trip to KZN and Mpumalanga, Morocco, the Drakensberg and the Kruger National Park. Through these journeys, I grew as a person.