A first for SA's Urban Jungle - Roof Top Camping in the city centre

City Camping

In just a little short of 8 days, the Main Street Life building in SA's urban jungle will be turned into a hip and happening rooftop campsite for nearly 200 people. This initiative was brought forth by Lifestyle Solutions who aims to bring people back into Johannesburg City and create awareness about the beauty and safety that lies within. This event combines creativity and an intense love for the city to give South African's a sense of adventure in a truly unique setting.

What can be expected?

On the 16th of September campers will start arriving from 4pm to set up their tents, and to get ready for all the activities by 5:30pm. At 6:00pm you will be treated to a traditional South African braai and sounds of local bands preforming, while watching the sunset over our beloved city.

There will also be story tellers moving around and telling stories. Dj's will do 2 sets while guests mingle and network at leisure. And then for my favourite part - before turning in for the night, you will watch a movie under the stars.

In the morning, you will be woken up at sunrise for a roof top yoga session, so be sure to bring your yoga matts along!

The building unfortunately does not offer parking so guests are encouraged to use Uber. If you prefer driving yourself, be assured that there will be car guards and police patrol the area all night!