The story behind the painted doors of Funchal


Art of open doors project


You all know how much I love photographing doors so you can imagine the excitement that filled me when I visited Maderia.

In the old town (Zona Velha) of Funchal, one can find the colourful street of Rua de Santa Maria. Dating back to 1430, this pedestrian cobbled street is home to over 200 uniquely painted doors that today has become one of Maderia's most popular tourist attractions.

In an effect to restore the run down and dilapidated area in 2014, the local council came up with the "Art of Open Doors project". The street was turned into a public art space, and local artists were given the challenge of creating art pieces that would trigger emotions and create awareness around Maderia art, culture and events.

The idea of a permanent art gallery is inviting, and I think that more countries should jump on the bandwagon. There is talk that behind one of these doors, a "School of the arts" learning centre will be opened and run workshops on all the artistic disciplines.

I had a very hard time choosing my favourite doors from this big collection so these are simply a teaser of what to expect when visiting. I promise to share a few more soon!

Do you have a favourite?