An Incredible Experience at Leopard Rock – Oribi Gorge

When you decide on a beach holiday, you don’t expect to find yourself out in the mountains but on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, there’s gem waiting to be visited in Oribi Gorge.

During a recent holiday in Port Shepstone, I decided take a break from admiring the ocean view and took a short drive inland to check out the attractions along the Oribi Gorge Route. My main motivation for this was to check out the aptly named Leopard Rock – a single piece of rock which protrudes from high up on a cliff face overlooking the spectacular UmZimkulu River Gorge below.

I’d seen many photographs of this infamous overhanging rock and was determined to sit and dangle my legs over the edge and take in the breathtaking view some distance below.

The area is ideal for adventure junkies with bungie jumping, the wild swing, white water rafting, abseiling, rock climbing and zip-lining all on the menu. However, despite all the adrenaline activities, the area offers so much peace and relaxation with hardly another car on the road and that’s generally the way I like it.

After an easy 20-minute drive from Port Shepstone I arrived outside a rustic and welcoming coffee shop. It is this Leopard Rock Coffee Shop that welcomes guests to the famous overhanging Leopard Rock which is situated on the property. After a warm welcome I was told that entrance to the rock would be R5, which came as a bit of surprise. I’d not expected any charge but I guess it’s a way of keeping people from abusing the area.