Exploring the abandoned subway station of Rochester

If I could choose any place in the world to move to in a heart beat it would be Rochester in upstate New York. Its got my name all over it, and once the home of Eastman Kodak Company, commonly referred to as "Kodak". You all know that photography company right?

Kodak was founded there in 1888 and rumour has it that Kodak originally came up with the concept of the digital camera but never pursued it. Canon latched onto the idea - and launched its first digital camera in 2000. Interesting hey?

I have spent a good couple of months there over the last couple of years, visiting my very big Portuguese - American family. I have made some really amazing friends there to, and made a home for myself. I get warm and fuzzy just thinking of living in New York's third biggest city.

Its got loads of abandoned buildings to - you all know how how much I love photographing those!

The deserted subway station in Rochester dating back to 1918 was my absolute favourite. My friend Dan excitedly offered to take me in!

A short history

The Erie canal, responsible for much of upstates New York's economic growth was re-routed to bypass downtown Rochester, in an effort to build a freight interchange for the five railroads that served the city. The last boat traveled through the city in 1919, and 8 years later the Subway began operation from 1927 to 1956.

The empty section of the canal was used as the core of the subway. The train lines were built inside the canal while the subway's roof was turned into Broad street.