Christmas with Santa Clause

Santa Clause Village, Rovaniemi, Finland

Santa Clause really does exist

I woke up one day with the realisation that Santa Clause actually does exist! No, really – he does!

I impulsively rang up my sister and excitedly told her that I am postponing Christmas and heading to the North Pole early in 2016.

"I am spending the season with THE official Santa Clause, his elves and his reindeers.I am trading in a sunny South African Christmas for a white filled landscape with lit up Christmas trees dusted in white snowflakes. I am flying to the Arctic Circle - Lapland to be precise and spending time at the Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. I am going to feel this Christmas spirit again". She laughed.

No exaggeration. This is exactly how it happened. 2 weeks before my departure date I booked my ticket on Cheap Flights before anyone can convince me otherwise. Once I set my mind to something it’s very seldom anyone can change it.

Tisk The Season To Be Jolly! Lalalalalalaalalla

My late dad had this fun obsession with Christmas. He would go out of his way each year to make Christmas magical for his 3 children, with so much happiness, joy and excitement. It was a time of year for him where people displayed kindness, and were more generous. A time where people believed in magic and were encouraged to dream. A time of celebration with those loved ones around you. A time to bring out that inner child within yourself. For as long as I can remember - It was his favourite day of the year. He never lost that joy.