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The perfect most unexpected Pretville proposal

The Pretville Proposal

Phil & Alex

I was so excited the day Phillip Baird rang me up to tell me he was planning to propose. I have been friends with Phil for a few years now (you might all remember him from Evoke Photography - we worked together on some amazing projects for Kzara Visual Concepts).

Like me, Phil had struggled to find the one, and I was so happy to hear that he had found her. Alexandra Power is beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside to. She has such an amazing energy and such a positive vibe about her, that you just can't get enough of her, and I can see why Phil is madly in love with her.

This has been the 4th proposal I have done in the last year, so I get really excited when people trust me with something so very big! This puts a lot of pressure on me to make the day extra special. It's a really big deal. I chatted to Phil and got an idea of what he wanted to do. He told Alex that the wanted to do a couples photoshoot - he told me something completely different. He wanted to do a fun photoshoot/proposal in a fun setting and then when she least expects it he was going to pop the question. Pretville has always been my first choice for these kinds of fun photoshoots - not engagements off course, but fun shoots.

Usually my "fiancés" know what they want to do or want to say on the day - my part comes in on planning out the location / the "proposal" que and capturing that special and unique moment. Many phone calls were made to Phil asking him "Are you sure you don't wan't it to be a bit more romantic?", his response: "she is not that kind of girl".

All I could do was smile. I love the kind of bond people embrace and the knowing they have for each other.

So we did just that, planned a photoshoot, and planned out the que for the proposal.

Everything went really well, except for Phil having the wrong ring in his pocket, and had to frantically run away to get the right ring. And then this happened ... he got down on one knee for "the photo que" and his beige loosely tied suspenders unbuckled nearly knocking them both in the face. It was a really funny moment for Phil and I, as Alex still didn't know what was to come.

3rd take lucky - without a hitch.

When I asked Alex how she was feeling about the proposal her response was

"It was the most special and romantic proposal, and couldn't be more perfect".

I decided to focus on the special moment for this post but be sure to click here to view their engagement photos.


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