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Post Card Family

My absolute favourite themed family shoot

Venue: Reef Steamers

This is still one of the most beautiful and original family photoshoots I have ever done.

My friend Anusha originally bought a gift voucher for Deepika, but we were unable to arrange the shoot for a good few months. Our busy schedules coupled with the summer rains made it near impossible. Once we finally managed to pull it off the postcard images we were able to generate were well worth the wait! The kids were so animated and played their characters for the day unbelievably well! I am sure they both could be actors when they grow up.

With permission (of course!) from the parents, I was able to get the boys playing in the coal and as you can see by the images they loved every moment. We struck it lucky this day, as Reef Steamers was preparing these steam trains for a trip out the next day.

These images just speak for themselves!


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