• Chantelle Flores

Your Story. Truthfully Told. Uniquely Captured.

13 years in, I still get so excited with every image that I take, be it a detail shot, a moment or just a simple portrait. I never get bored!

You think that after all these years I would have lost interest and thrown in the towel. But it’s the exact opposite. I am still as excited and passionate as I was when I was 18 just starting out.

Seriously! What’s to get bored with?

Every wedding is unique and each couple different. I love the challenge of capturing the true character and personality of each couple as well as the special beauty and essence that each wedding offers. People tell me that I have this inherent ability to capture “personality”. I attribute this to the fact that I studied Psychology and Communications which I think is a definite plus!

My clients also tell me that I am a specialist in capturing “detail”, and they are not just talking about the detail you see right in front of you - the brides shoes, the jewelery, the table decorations, etc etc. They talking about the detail that no one even sees. The loving looks people give each other, the drink the bar tender is pouring, the food being prepared in the kitchen, the dress that’s not hanging correctly, that “thing” in the way of the perfect shot which bugs me to the point of rearranging an entire room. Every detail that could possibly market your event.

I have a marketing mind which was fine tuned working in the industry for 5 years while I started Kzara Visual Concepts. And it is for this reason, that I do not like taking a shot for the sake of taking it. I take it, if I can see the marketing potential of the shot in an effect to tell a complete and original story.

And nothing stops me from getting the "perfect" shot! Even if it means, climbing a tree, hanging off a ledge, lying on the floor, even hiding out in the "bush". My clients are all my best witness to this - and always chuckle when they see me get down and dirty. And I don't even realise I do it! I get that involved!

This is how Kzara Visual Concepts motto came about - Your Story. Truthfully Told. Uniquely Captured. I strive to live up to this daily!

Collectively, all the industries that I have been involved in has aided in developing my skills as a photographer thus setting me aside from all other wedding photographers.

My style is documentary, natural and unobtrusive. And my approach moves away from the traditional and leads you to a style that is very much in touch with todays trends - both local and international! I like to adopt a photojournalism approach striving to preserve each moment in photographs that capture the emotion of each part of the day, that will revive every precious memory and help you share them with others for the rest of your lives.

In the end, I like to give my clients an artistic and visual narrative of the important day.

I have to add though - I don't like rushing the editing process. Quality art pieces takes time to master so I would like to request your patience for 40 - 60 working days before your images are delivered. Keep in mind - weekends we do not do any editing as we are out and about shooting. I treat each wedding as if it were my own, so I would like to take my time before delivering images that will last a lifetime.

Looking forward to meeting all our new clients coming on board.

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