One of the world's most beautiful Caves and Sea Lakes


If there is one place that you have to visit before you die this will be it!

Melissani Lake, Kefalonia Greece


Photo credit: 51 countries and counting

One of my close friends Dafi moved to Kefalonia - an Island in the Ionian Sea in Greece to work for Thompsons Tours.

Envious of all her Facebook posts of all the amazing places she had visited, I felt inspired to hop on a plane to explore these places with her.

The Melissani Lake was one of those natural wonders that she raved about, and I can see why.

Photo Credit: Daniel Laan

This lacustrine cave of unique beauty is surrounded by forests on the outside, and on the inside you can find a hole in the top of the cave that when the sun shines through illuminates the crystal clear turquoise waters of the lake. If you visit the cave at midday when it is sunny you will notice that the sun lights up the cave with blue light which is just fascinating to see.