#HikeSA, Week 1: Mountain Sanctuary Park {In Photos}

If you haven't visited Mountain Sanctuary Park in the Magaliesberg mountains yet, you are missing out.

This privately owned 1000 hectare nature reserve is home to millions of year old rock formations that when carefully looked at, resemble the shape of some of South African's animals. It is claimed that these rock formations are older than Mount Everest, and are famed in South Africa for its natural beauty. With a range of walking and mountain biking trails, guests can reconnect with nature whilst exploring the area. The reserve has a "no music / no noise" policy and having visited there myself I can see why they are known as the most peaceful place in South Africa.

The reserve is especially suited for nature lovers looking for low cost holiday destinations close to Gauteng or for those that are looking for a day break to enjoy complete relaxation away from the city.

We arrived at sunset on the Friday and was greeted by this windmill just after the entrance gate.