Spring is an artform and more than just a season

Spring day - My absolute favourite day of the year! And there is very good reason why!

I visited the Limpopo Province in South Africa recently, and noticed that the flowers were already in bloom and I couldn't help but grab my camera and start capturing the essence of everything that was in front of me.

Spring is more than just a season to me. It is a time of self reflection. A time to remind yourself that although you may be going through some storms in your life, and surrounded by the ugly aspects of winter, life is beautiful, just like you are and those rough times you may be facing is only a season. Your character and personality is shaped during these times and you develop skills that help you stand tall during those moments in your life that God has thrown at you to make you the person you are men't to become!

And isn't this person just beautiful!

Here are a few of my favourite images from my spring day collection. These are intended to be blurry, soft abstract art pieces to remind you that you are beautiful even when things are a mess.