The World’s only Big 7 Game Reserve - Addo Elephant National Park

A year ago I was commissioned for a wedding close to Port Elizabeth. I can’t help but feel excited when I get booked for an out of town shoot. This means that I have an opportunity to take a couple of days off work and explore new areas that I haven’t been to.

In a conversation with my friend Jarrod Cross, he mentioned that I just had to make a turn past his favourite place while in the area – Addo Elephant National Park. This is South Africa’s third largest national park that is internationally renowned as being the best place to view elephants in the wild. Starting out with only 11 of the remaining elephants in the region this park has grown tremendously, today housing 600 or so elephants.

Elephants are not the only animal you can spot there. Addo is one of the only parks in the world to be classified as a “Big 7” reserve, conserving the elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo as well the southern right whales and great white sharks off the coast of Algoa Bay.

Less than an hours drive away from Port Elizabeth, I was kept entertained for hours on my own self drive through the park. There wasn’t a moment that my car wasn’t surround by herds of the world’s largest terrestrial mammals. I viewed them from arms length, and with little effort I could possibly touch them.