The Fire Walk Experience - Date Idea #1

The last month, I have been in search of some really interesting and different date ideas for couples living in Joburg, South Africa. I came across the idea of a Fire walk Friday concept through one of my Meetup groups – a network based organisation of like minded people looking to partake in different activities and sharing their experiences and knowledge in their home towns.

That was the second time that week that I was exposed to the concept. A client of mine recently did a team building outing with his staff, and every single person in the office ranted and raved about what an awesome experience it was. And how much they loved Cobus Visser energy and how much fun he was.

I was curious to learn more about the experience and why people would want to walk barefoot across burning coals. Was it something on people’s bucket list?

I decided to contact the guys from Fire Walking Africa to see if they would be interested in hosting myself and Donovan (Those that don’t know, his my better half) on one of their Friday sessions.

Romy responded to my email in a heart beat, and was excited that I had made contact. She didn’t share much information on the experience and said she would fill me in on the evening.

I was one of the first to arrive at the Conscious Healing Centre in Fourways and was greeted by an indian couple full of life; their energy was appealing warm and welcoming. I really liked them.

The History of a Fire Walk

The fire walk experience dates back to 1200BC and was