Winter island hoping - 48 hours in Sommarøy, Norway

Sommarøy, Norway

We can all appreciate islands for what they are : white sandy beaches that stretch for km's, crystal clear waters and summer sun bathing opportunities. But visiting an island in winter, is not something on many people's bucket list.

I visited northern Norway earlier this year, and wanted to have an experience that was different to your average tourist. I hope that through my unique experience you will feel inspired to visit this winter island and find my 48 hour guide of things to do useful.

Norway can work out hellishly expensive if traveling on the South African rand so instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money on tours to see the northern lights I opted to "chasing" them myself. These natural light phenomena after all can be seen all around you provided you are in areas that are away from the cities light pollution. Being a photographer I am a pro at sourcing great photo shoot locations, so I was confident in my scouting abilities, in addition to receiving tips from Norwegian locals.

They assured me that these islands would offer the best sightings of the northern lights with the wide-open sky's it has on offer. Effort spent on finding ways to save on costs is what led me to the Sommarøy Islands to began with.

Advice before visiting

The weather is ever changing in the region and locals couldn't place more emphasis on the importance of constantly monitoring weather forecasts for any changes. Especially when you are planning on road tripping through the mountains. It's not a natural habit for me coming from a country that has constant daily weather patterns, and the day that I forgot could have been to my detriment. I missed an 100m avalanche by 8minutes. When I arrived at the Havfrua Kro Anne-grete Jensen restaurant for a lunch stop the locals I became friends with the day before, filled me in.