The postcard country {Photoblog of Iceland}

Photos that will inspire you to travel to Iceland.

I like to refer to Iceland as the postcard country, and when you see some of the images below you will understand why. There is something charming about traveling to a country that is more than 80% uninhibited, although most will be daunted by its lack of civilization. I quite liked the idea of having 9 days of peace and quite, whilst being spell bound by this countries astonishing natural beauty.

Whilst locals can make for a better traveling experience, it didn’t seem to bother me that I didn’t bump into any. Over 60 per cent of the countries population of 330 000 people, live in the Capital City of Reykjavik. I spent most of my time along the West Coast and the South Coast.

I found contentment in the silence Iceland offers while I forged a deep connection with nature. Its ever-changing weather created some of the most dramatic scenes I have ever witnessed in a land of fire and ice. To give you an idea: on a visit to the Reykjanes Peninsula I experienced 3 snow storms and sunsets in a period of 30min. Similarly, at the Skogafoss waterfall I experienced a hail storm, a rainbow and a gorgeous sunset. So if you are looking to capture that perfect shot, it’s a good idea to wait it out for a little.

Each day offered another opportunity to photograph something new, so no planning was necessary for the trip. I just rented a car and drove, and with only 5 hours of daylight, I managed to rake up a fair amount of photographs in a short amount of time.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Legend has it that the settler Þrasi has buried his chest of gold under this 60 -meter high waterfall.