The power of BELIEF - Viewing the northern lights for the first time (Iceland Part. 3)

There are only a few moments in life that take your breath away.

The 24 January 2016 was one of them.

Here's the story: I visited Iceland with the intention of seeing the northern lights on my Dad's Birthday who passed away on the 5th February 3 years back. This would be the 3rd birthday that I would not have seen him. This entire trip around the artic was dedicated to him. He loved Christmas (My birthday to) and one of my favorite holidays celebrated with him. I delayed my birthday and opted for a white one across Iceland, Finland, Norway & Sweden. The 23rd January @ 10:30 pm, myself and a group of amazing gypsies I had met divided ourselves between two rental cars with a mission in mind – to view the Aurora Borealis.

None of us had experience in this, except for our few practice nights prior to this and without any luck. I mentioned to the crowd my possible emotions around witnessing this for the first time and explained my personal reasons surrounding this trip. I knew there was a small chance of viewing them and high cloud cover reduced our visibility. The rain posed a serious problem as well.

The power of BELIEF

I have always heard individual accounts of their experiences viewing the northern lights for the first time. Most mentioned it meant something to them on a deep spiritual level, however I could not comprehend the experience until I experienced it myself.

When the clock struck 12pm on the 24th January - the clouds cleared and the Auroras put on an incredible display as if it was my Dad sharing his presence. I either believed it into existence, or it was God’s way of restoring my faith in this principle that anything is possible if you only just believed. Either way, it was INCREDIBLE!