Free Spirited

Lying on the beach watching this wondering women. I can't help but be intrigued by the fact that she seems completely comfortable in her own skin. Lonely, but comfortable.

I guess all of us are wondering souls in search of our own adventure. An adventure out of our norm, where we challenge and push our own boundaries ,in turn creating excitement and uncertainty for what's to come.

My best experiences while traveling the world are those where I don't plan, I swim out to sea not thinking about the consequences or the fear of being eaten alive by the unknown. Without fail these are the best moments of my life - memorable experiences come the moment u are not living with fear. Fear of getting hurt, fear of failing, fear of getting lost, fear of loving: FEAR. A demon that enters u, and robs you of all the simple and pleasurable things that life has to offer u.

Through these experiences, I have learned u only fear the unknown. If u have been lost before and