10 reasons to visit Lebanon | Guest Post by Rob Perkins

Rob Perkins, writer at Responsible Travel, explores a destination that’s eager to show the world what it’s been missing.

Lebanon still bears the scars of the civil war that kept it well off any popular tourist route for years, but in recent times the country, now thankfully at peace, has seen its profile begin to rise.

The capital, Beirut, is revitalising its reputation as ‘the Paris of the Middle East’, and intrepid travellers are starting to rediscover Lebanon’s historic, cultural and natural bounty.

Here are 10 reasons you should visit Lebanon soon...

1. It’s safe, for the most part

Lebanon’s devastating civil war, which left many parts of the country in ruins, ended in 1990. The years since have been marked by political instability.

There has also been a brief war with neighbouring Israel, and the ongoing conflict in Syria has led to a huge population of refugees.

Although governments advise caution when travelling to Lebanon, it’s actually one of the safest countries in the Middle East, especially when you go with a specialist travel company that knows the country and the security situation well.

Sure, there are still a few areas to avoid or exercise more caution in – some neighbourhoods of Beirut and Tripoli, refugee camps – and in the south of the country a guide is recommended for hiking as there is still some unexploded ordinance lying around.

Essentially, though, you needn’t have any security concerns about visiting Lebanon.