In most cases, platforms used for aerial photography turned out to be of high cost and extended procedures before any flight occur: permissions, insurances, pilot accommodation, lending space, safety and distance limitation, just to name a few. Making the price of this kind of project ranging between R 10 000 - R15 000 for an hour thus excluding photographer charges.




The use of UAVs or drones for aerial photography is relatively new to the industry. Kzara has found that making use of a remotely piloted aerial platform is far easier, quicker and more cost effective than using a full size aircraft.

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Benefit to your business


Today’s Real Estate, Hotel and Guest House market is very competitive and in order to stay ahead of the rest, it is crucial for any reputable business of this kind to have the best possible images of their properties. Adding aerial photos to your listing, is a huge leap forward and creates a whole new perspective and dimension. The surrounding area is now visible and things like elevation, vegetation, decorative nature and stand size is much better illustrated.

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