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Learn photography while exploring the city of Zurich - a unique cosmopolitan city combining an art-infused urban life with nature.

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This is a great place to add a tagline.

Zurich, a city with endless photo opportunities. From the historical old town to the inviting blue waters of the northern shores of Lake Zurich to the snow-capped Swiss Alps, you will have a hard time putting your camera down with this diverse scenery. 

unique cosmopolitan city

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awe inspiring views

After exploring the old town, we will head to the elegant towers of Fraumunster Church. The townscape from above, admired through the church's glass coloured windows, proves to be a photographer's delight.  Later, we will wander through hidden alleyways and picturesque squares to take in different vantage points of the world’s largest clock tower at Saint Peter's Cathedral.

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About the blog

We will begin the photo tour in the historical heart of the city that beats on both sides of the picturesque Limmat river. A river that flows out of the lake and runs through the scenic urban landscape of the old town. 

A walk through the capstone pedestrian lanes of the well-preserved old town will take you on a journey through the Renaissance Period. You will have a chance to capture the well-preserved guild houses, churches, and historic places that line the romantic little streets and adorn the city's hidden corners.

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Why work with me

Whilst never having studied for photography, Chantelle's portfolio of work is a testimony of her formidable artistic talent and unrelenting love for the art. ​Her passion from an early age, coupled with an extensive and varied 15 experience, has evolved into her distinct and original style which is evident in her work today. 

Since the great outdoors have always been an integral part of her soul, it became the underlying focus of her photographic and artistic vision. Since then she has traveled widely, photographing people, cultures and destinations with a uniquely artistic eye. Canon cameras became her instrument of choice to produce her artistic vision and self-expression. 

She has gained invaluable experience from an array of professions and activities done throughout her life that helped formulate her artistic vision. Having a degree in Psychology gave her insight into emotions and communication. A career in Marketing taught her various ways of communicating a vision, and a decade of serving the community through Rotaract International has given her insight into photojournalism. She has become known for pushing the boundaries by traveling and working in over 69 countries. She offers a fresh take on the natural world, in turn creating art pieces that are full of energy, mood, and movement.

She thrives on stories; experiencing them, creating them, discovering them and sharing them with the world. The kind of stories where you lose yourself in a journey of emotions and memories, thus producing soulful images that feel timeless. 

Finding and documenting the beautiful in the common, the unusual in the usual, the perfection in the broken and the uniqueness of the mundane is one of her strengths. Like the butterfly embracing the beauty of a single flower, her focus is on the unnoticed – those things that we all look at, but never really see.

She creates images that are deeply inspired by capturing fleeting moments; small moments that often occur in between more significant ones. They are raw and intimate, touching the soul and reflecting on the personalities of the people involved.

Here images are Artistic and Intimate. Emotional and Cinematic. 

And in the end...

Your Story gets Truthfully told and Uniquely Captured.


Ways we can work together

We strive to achieve the “wow” factor by producing magazine-styled cinematic images that draw inspiration from high-end fashion magazines and wedding gown advertisements.  To achieve this, we incorporate movement, fashion-based lighting, and storytelling all whilst blending our couples into their environment.

Content Creation

Photojournalism-styled images are our signature. We want our work to move people emotionally in addition to being visually beautiful. 

These kinds of images are deeply inspired by capturing fleeting moments, small moments that often occur in between more significant ones as well as people in motion. They are raw and intimate, touching the soul and reflecting on the personalities of the people involved. 

We take the time to get to know our subjects on a deeply personal level which helps us to identify the moments that are important to our couples. It also helps us to understand what pieces of their day will evoke rich emotion, and especially, what memories are worth preserving. 

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  • 24 / 72 hour cards available 

  • Unlimited 2nd class travel by tram, bus, train, boat and cable car in the city of Zurich and surrounding region

  • Short boat trips and Limmat river cruise

  • Free or reduced admission to 41 museums

  • 50% discount on the Zurich Old Town Walking Tour

  • And many more experiences

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