We take pride in the dynamic range of digital marketing and photographic services that we offer.  Quality and service is the primary objective of our team which is well reflected in our work.


Our constant efforts to provide a unique and personalized service to our clients make us a leader in the market. With a client base primarily composed of word-of-mouth referrals, individuals hire us to achieve something unique for their business. 
We have a simple but effective process that allows us to build a full and detailed picture of what you are looking for. The initial step is to simply have a discussion with you and find out where the information will be used, what approach you're looking for, and what you want to achieve as your end-goals. We are highly creative and have an eye for detail, which guarantees the work you receive, will exceed your expectations. Our marketing and photojournalism backgrounds also ensure that the visuals we create will market your full story. 



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Chantelle Flores established Kzara Visual Concepts in February 2009, after leaving her profession as National Sales and Marketing  Manager. Having worked in the marketing & photographic field for many years, Chantelle decided to follow her passion and work full time in freelance photography, cinematographer and digital marketer for Kzara Visual Concepts. Her passion for the art from an early age, coupled with extensive and varied experience, has evolved into the distinct and original style which is evident in her & her teams work today.
She has gained invaluable experience from an array of professions and activities that helped formulate her artistic vision. Having a degree in Psychology gave her insight into emotions and communication. A career in marketing taught her various ways of communicating a vision, and a decade of serving the community through Rotaract has given her insight into photojournalism. In addition, Chantelle has become known for pushing the boundaries by traveling to over 46 countries and establishing a fresh take on the natural world, in turn creating art pieces that are full of energy, mood and movement.


Whilst never studying for photography or video, Chantelle's portfolio of work is a testimony of her formidable artistic talent and unrelenting love for the photography. ​Since the great outdoors has always been an integral part of her soul, it became her underlying focus for her photographic and artistic vision. Since then she has traveled widely, photographing wildlife, scenery, culture and adventure with a uniquely artistic eye. Various cameras became her instruments of choice to produce her artistic vision and self-expression. 

National Geographic - Chantelle Flores
Travel Start, Chantelle Flores
The South African, Chantelle Flores
Orms Direct, Chantelle Flores
Fine Art America Chantelle Flores
photocrowd Chantelle Flores
Pixoto Chantelle Flores
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